Jan 9 2011

Avoiding the 5 Biggest Turn Offs

Hitting someones turn offs can end a relationship before it even starts. While many people have different quirks, there are a few things that are universal when it comes to turn offs. Here are a few of them so you know what to avoid.

Poor Hygiene

No one wants to accept a date with someone who smells badly or looks like they haven’t washed their hair in a few days. While we all have our ‘frumpy’ days, these are not the days you should try to pick someone up.


Being assertive is desirable, aggressive is not. If you come across as cocky you will have a hard time finding someone who is willing to look beyond this. This applies to women as well, not just men. Being a strong woman is great, but just be mindful that being bossy or pushy is not a sign of strength.

Bad Pick Up Lines

You can have some fun with pick up lines if you are creative. Asking a woman if it hurt when she fell from heaven isn’t going to score you brownie points. Just be yourself and leave the pick up lines to someone else.


Yes, it would be great to meet someone who is successful and ambitious. This doesn’t mean you should flaunt a Rolex and spend a lot of time talking about your newest corporate acquisition. Nothing makes you unapproachable more than this.

Low Self Esteem

While being too cocky is one thing, being down on yourself is another. If you don’t feel comfortable it’s going to show. We all have image issues, but try to keep them under wraps when you’re out.

Dec 17 2010

Swinging Socialising

When it comes to swinging socialising you will find that there are a lot of different ways to go about it. It can be awkward at first and difficult to get into the scene but you will find that once you are there you will have very little trouble meeting new and interesting swingers.


Going to swinger’s clubs is a great way for you to get your foot in the door when it comes to the swinger’s scene. You will need to make sure that you get the names of swingers that you interact with at the club so that you can meet up with them again later on.


Typically, the best way for you to get in touch with other swingers is to go online. This is something that can help swingers to reach out to one another. Look at sites and swinger forums so that you can talk to fellow swingers and try to meet up with them. You will also be able to find dating sites that are dedicated to swingers. This is something that can end up being a lot of fun as you will meet people that are completely open to swinging.

Asking Around

While it may be something that is an awkward question to ask you may find that you end up meeting a lot of swingers this way. Whenever you are getting to know somebody mention casually if they participate or know anybody that participates in swinging. It’s something that is only a big deal if you allow it to be.

Nov 9 2010

Swinging Events

If you happen to be a swinger then it is a good idea for you to know of the different swinging events that are taking place. You will be surprised at all of the different swinging events that are more than likely taking place in your area. Being able to know how to find them is something that can make it a lot easier.


Looking online can help you to get a good idea of what is going on in your area with your fellow swingers. If you simply search for swinging events in your area then you will be able to find several different swingers meetings and even clubs.


If you know any swingers in your area then simply ask them. You will find that swingers tend to know a lot of people. Being able to ask a fellow swinger where they prefer to go or what clubs are the best will help you to get into the scene or to attend your first Swinger Party.


Meetings are some of the more popular types of swinging events that you can take part in. They will usually take place at one of the swinger’s homes. This is a great place for you to meet new swingers and get better acquainted with ones you already know.


Swingers clubs are also very popular for those that do not feel comfortable going to the house of another swinger. These clubs will allow you to have sex with different swingers in different rooms and locations in the building.

Oct 27 2010

Swingers Holidays

A lot of people have swinging holidays. Basically what it is is taking part in swinging while you are on vacation. This is something that a lot of people do as they can really let loose and be wild whenever they are hundreds or even thousands of miles away from home. You will find that a swinging holiday may be just what you and your partner need to spice up your relationship.


Whenever you travel to different countries and experience different cultures you will find that the sex is more than likely going to be a lot more different than it is with the swingers back home. Many times you will actually be able to learn a few new tricks whenever you are swinging with people that are of a different culture than you. You may even get to teach them a few of your own.


If you are thinking that swinging on holiday is something that you want to do then it is a good idea to prepare for it. Check sites in that area that have information on swinger’s clubs in that area. This way you will be able to know where to go and a little bit of what to expect whenever you get there. You may even want to get in a few chat rooms and see if you can get yourself invited to swinger’s meetings while you are on holiday. This is a great way for you to have fun and learn new things about other cultures as well as yourself.

Oct 2 2010

Swinging Abroad

Swinging abroad can be incredibly sexy and a lot of fun. You will find that this is something that a lot of people take part in. Whether you are traveling just for the pleasure of swinging with people of a different country or if you are on vacation, you will find that there are plenty of different reasons why swinging abroad can be a great time had by all.


The thrill and the fun of the unknown is something that a lot of people find incredibly alluring. Being able to have sex with multiple people in different countries can help you to learn a lot about their culture as well as maybe even learn a few new sex moves that you never even knew existed. Things are a lot different in other countries, from the food the culture and even the sex.


It is no secret that whenever you are on vacation that you are more likely to let your hair down and have a lot more fun. People tend to get in touch with their inner longings and wants whenever they do not have to worry about going to work the next day or running into the same people later in the week. Whenever people begin to experiment with swinging they tend to do it while they are on vacation. This is something that you may not normally have done in your normal everyday life. Once you have done it on vacation you can figure out if it is something that you wish to take home with you.